Michael Bentley

April 13, 2018. ATHIS-MONS, FRANCE

April 13, 2018. ATHIS-MONS, FRANCE
Dear Prayer Partners,
I have enjoyed being home since I returned from Crete March 17. I had one day of postering. After a year of trouble with my laptop I finally ordered a new one. I enjoyed handing out tracts and Bible meditation calendars since I returned to FR. I supplied others with tracts and calendars. Two are waiting for me to send them Bible posters. One is in Cameroon, East Africa. There needs to be Bible posters printed in Africa.

April 14 to 20 I will be in Northampton, England. I will visit Antony & Jean Atwood who worked among Arabs in Jerusalem. I plan to give out tracts and join the Atwoods in their church and ministries. I recall giving out tracts-in NORTHAMPTON when a Christian stopped to talk. He had just come from the doctor who told him he had cancer. Jesus Christ has His purposes in His leading in our lives.

Mid-May I will have my annual trip in France putting up posters, visiting believers and visiting churches. I will speak in Saone, FR May 27 in Saone Assembly. I will be with Jean Paul Burgat, who has over 60 years of service for Christ in FR. May 29-30 I will visit Switzerland. I will visit Hans & Sylvia Rufenacht. Hans had an operation to help with pain in the neck he has had many years. When I return to my studio, I will go to Normandy, FR to Cabourg and I will visit the Independent Baptist church in Bayeux, pastored by Eric Hossack. I saw his father in the South Paris conference recently. He is 84 and still active. He is an American Independent Baptist Missionary.
Today I was able to witness to a Jew I have known many years. I used the current feats of Israël. Passover: Jesus was the Passover Lamb sacrificed for sin. 1 Cor 5:7, John 1:29; Bread without leaven: The sinless Jesus Christ, 11 Cor 5:21; Firstftuits: Jesus was the first fruits from the dead 1 Cor 15:23; feast of Weeks, Pentecost: Jesus from His Father’s throne sent the Holy Spirit on the first believers who were all Jews, Acts 2.
Holocaust Remembrance Day was April 12. Israel’s Armed Service’s Day is April 18, followed by the next day Independence Day.
The 3 month summer tour will begin in 2nd week of June , I pray. By mid-September I trust to be in USA for 8 months.
Thank you for the encouragement I receive from your prayers.
Traveling as Christ permits,
Michael Isaiah 53:1-6