Michael Bentley


 By June 3 I was in Switzerland-CH where I visited Pastor Hans & Sylvia Rufenacht.  Their church is interested in my summer tours.  I was in Germany-D June  4 to get literature for the tour.  I had not seen Dieter Reinbold for perhaps 3 years so I was glad to renew fellowship.  I saw Michael Gabi in Ludwigsburg who as a Muslim received Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, IL.  Near WOL-D Irmgard gave me as usual clothes and other things to give away.  I am presently in Ukraine-UA where I am giving out clothes she gave me.  In Austria-A I visited pastor Stefan & Claudia Kueniger in Salzburg and distributed in the area of his church.  In Budapest, HU I met Jewish people, especially from Israel.  While in Romania I spoke in Beius, Hunadorara, Cisnedia then we had our 7-day meeting in Mioveni where we studied 10 chapters in Revelation.  I then spoke in 3 churches near Brasov.  Then I went north to Piatra Namets and spoke then returned to Brasov area and I spoke in Ghimbav.  I plan to return there to get potatoes early in August. I got 20 liters of honey and today in UA I gave the last away.  In UA I stayed at the Souce of Life camp near Chernivsy and there were 124 8-12 year olds who had a 10 day camp.  I will speak Sunday July 14 in Dunaivsi, UA.  My first visit in Dunaivsi was in 1997.  I am with Sasha Nagayevskii.  I met his twin brother and his siter today and they remember me from that first visit.  Sasha’s father passed away 2 months ago.  I am due back in RO Aug. 1 for camp in Rucar Aug. 3-10.  I will then visit Bucharest before heading back to France.  Your prayers appreciated,  Michael Bentley