Michael Bentley

I being in the way, the LORD led me..

I have been in USA since Sept. 18, 2018. I went from Jacksonville, FL to Bethesda, MD for my 59th high school reunion. I am thankful to have met old & new friends there. I returned to Jax, then headed to Chattanooga, TN. All along the way I met financial supporters and prayer partners. Then to Tulsa , OK area, then to OH, NY NJ, VA and back to Jax to be with my brother and sister for Christmas. In Jan. I covered FL then headed to AL and I am now in AR and I am due to go to OK tomorrow. I am thankful for the body of Christ . Here around Morrilton, AR I spoke in 2 Baptist churches I have never visited before. I am headed to TX, then to Iowa and then Chicago, then to northern Manitoba, Canada to Thompson to a supporting church. Then back to USA to MD, VA, NC and Jax, FL to return to France May 15 to continue my summer ministry to East Europe.
I am thankful to all who have received me on this trip and for those who have prayed. As Abraham’s servant said after finding Rebekah for Isaac: „I being in the way, the LORD led me..”. Genesis 24:27