Michael Bentley


Frauenkirchen, Austria

Shalom Prayer Partners,

Thanks to your prayers God’s grace has kept me going. The summer tour has started. I was in Frauenkirchen, A this morning. The town’s name means The church of the Women. Jews were expelled from this small town. In 1876 there were 864 Jews here, in 1938 there were 400. The Nazis came to expel the 400 Jews, and all were expelled. Later that year Nov. 9-10 was Crystal Nacht in Germany when Jews were harassed, their shops broken, & their synagogues & homes or apartments burned. Some of the Jews of Frauenkirchen went to Hungary where the Nazis took them to Auschwitz Concentration Camp. The synagogue in Frauenkirhen was destroyed in 1938. I visited the old Jewish cemetery and area where the synagogue was. In the old Jewish cemetery there are 1200 graves. This is the 3rdconsecutive year I have stayed in Paula camping run by Helmut Hochedlinger in Frauenkirchen. He has helped me each year, especially this year. Today I came to Budapest, HU to be at the synagogue Shabbat morning.

May 1 I went to England with the De Rozier Drakotoarisoa family with their 4 children for 6 days. They are originally from Madagascar. We went by car and ferry. Some literature was given getting on the ferry going to GB. I visited Anthony & Jeanne Atwood whom I knew from my years in Israel. Anthony worked among the Arabs. I had 3 blessed days of distribution in Northampton. Many took. One woman stopped to share her experience. She was in the church in her teens and distributing as I was doing. She got pregnant and was rejected by church & parents and then fell into sin. She did not appear ready to return to Christ. If I would have had the 4thday I could have finished my literature. I got hit hard with lower stomach-bowel pain. It came and went for the next month. I met Patrick in distribution in Northampton and he has been visiting Anthony and his meeting since. He apparently is after abusive drug use with brain damage. June 20 I saw a specialist for internal medicine and his ultra sound test showed nothing alarming, but more tests may need to be done. The doctor received the tract and commented a little.

In mid-May I traveled in France on my annual France-Tour with a 1 night visit in Switzerland-CH. While putting up a Bible poster a man was right up next to my shoulder. He said he wanted to help me put the poster up. All was ready so I gave it to him. He did a good job but when he read “Do you believe on the Son of God” he realized he was into something he did not want to be a part of! He shouted to his buddies what he had just done! On another occasion a man came from the bar opposite where I was putting up the same poster about the Son of God. He came close and asked who is that for? I said “for you!”. He did not agree, but he said it was all right to poster it. I again visited retired pastor Kurt & Mireille Rugger. Kurt helped me find posters in Montelimare. Mireille called city hall and they told her where 12 posters where. That was a great help. Their church in Dieu le Fit must move but for perhaps 2 years they can not find another place to rent. During WW11 the Mayor of Dieu le Fit got false ID papers for Jews to get them out of FR into CH which is not far from their city. I was thankful to see François & Veronique Blum in Lyon. He is a Messianic Jew and works with Jews for Jesus. Their son Olivier is in full time ministry among students in Lyon area. I went to Bienne, CH to see Pastor Hans & Sylvie Rufenacht. His church supports my ministry. I stayed with Donald & Violet Gyger once again. It had been several years since I saw them. Donald is retired and is quite busy. They have always helped immigrants. I was able to get a good supply of French tracts in Bienne. Pastor Louis Marie Lemofac in Olivet near Orleans, FR was happy to get a good portion of these tracts as his church is very active and regular in distribution.

As the summer tour begins I meet truck drivers from various countries and literature is received in their languages. Each year I stop at the D-A border especially to give Turkish tracts. This time there was a good distribution to the Turkish drivers. In the camp sites often Dutch-NL is needed. It is a challenge to get out and distribute in the rest stops but once distributing Christ gives grace and blessing. I was in Germany ready to enter A. I had to stop to make a call. After the call I offered a man a tract. He said I had spoken to him before! I remember that meeting. He is Romanian born living in D. His work brings him to rest stops often. After getting my literature at GBV in Eschenberg, D, I went to visit Michael Gabi. Michael was born a Muslim in Jerusalem. He came to Christ while I was living in Jerusalem in 1982. I moved into his apartment to help disciple him, but his family did not allow it. The First Baptist Bible Church of East Jerusalem ministered and prayed for Michael. A sister in Christ witnessed to him earlier on a train in Europe. Michael settled in Germany and has 8 children. The youngest now is about 13. I went to Berg to Word of Life for the week end. As always they were helpful and gave me food and a place to park my van in which I slept. Sunday morning I attended the meeting in Wolfratshousen in which I shared about the Jew. Jn 4:22 I stayed in the evening with the Rainer & Valerie Nothoft family, 5 children. The oldest Benjamin who is 18 was a great help to me. Irmgard Krauter filled my van again on Sunday evening. Benjamin arranged so I did not have to sleep on the front seat as the back was full. Benjamin helped find a place to sleep in Salzburg, in an Evangelical Church. I was glad to meet Pastor Stefan & Claudia Huoniger, they have 5 children. They have an international church as there are members from several different countries. I did a distribution near the church. I met one man who had a friend who went to the Baptist church in Salzburg. He had had a serious heart operation, he showed me his scars. I pushed on to Paula Camp where Helmut gave me a cabin for free for 3 nights.

I will be in RO from June 26 to July 17: 26-27.6-Beius,Pastor Beltechi-Baptist; 28-29.6 Hunadoara-Mihai Czentye-Baptist; 30.6- 1-3.7 Cisnedia-Ovidiu Domnariu, 4-5.7 Medias, 6.7 Talmachiu; Hunadoara-Mihai C., 7-10.7; 11-14.7 Camp Birheni Don Forrester of Fredericksburg, VA teaching; 14-15.7 Bucahrest- Episcoradu church & Maranatha Baptist; 16.7 Giurgiu, Pastor Viorel Dumitru; Bulgaria-BG 17-30: 17-19.7 Russe, Baptist pastor Ivaylo Syarov, Darin Ivanov, Bishop Peter; 20-22.7, Plovdiv Baptist church Stoico Nicovi; 23-24.7 Baptist Pastor Mitco Podgorsky; 25-26.7 Katerini, Greece, 27.7 Sandansky, BG; 28-29.7 Sofia-Pastor Rassovsky; 30.7 Russe,BG; RO-July 31-Aug.16: 31.7-9.8 Mioveni, 1-3.8 Mioveni meeting The Jew, 4-10.8 Camp Rucar -Sermon on Mount; 11.8 Piatra Nametz wedding of Tibi & Emanuela; 12-16.8 RO; HU 17-20.8 Budapest; 21-22.8 Zagreb, Croatia-HR; 23-24.8 Slovenia-SLO; 25-27.8 Trieste, Italy-IT; 28-29.8 A; 30-31.8 D, Ludwigsburg, challenge Afghan converts, 1-3.9 back to FR.

I plan to come to the USA MID SEPTEMBER, 2018 to MID MAY 2019. I will need your prayers to meet these appointments. May our good works glorify our Father in heaven. Matt 5:16