Michael Bentley


Jan. 2, 2018 I traveled by bus from HAIFA to TIBERIAS. This was my birthday and this trip was my birthday present from Jésus Christ. Many events from the Bible come to mind in the area of this trip. Tiberias is about 40 miles East of HAIFA.
HAIFA is on Mt Carmel. 1 Kings 18. Elijah’s contest with the worshippers of Baal. Elisha took Elijah’s place and he also lived on Mt Carmel as Elijah. 2Kgs 4:25 The Shunammite woman came to Elisha to his house on Mt Carmel. Naaman came here as well. 2 Kgs 5:8-9. NT Carmel is on the south west end of the Valley of Jezreel.
In the western end of the Valley of JEZREEL is Haroshet of the Gentiles. Here dwelt Sisera captain of Jabin’s Canaanite Army. He fought Deborah & Barak of ISRAEL. The brook Kishon flows west out of the Valley of Jezreel into the Mediterranean Sea. Sisera lined up his 900 chariots of iron along the Kishon in preparation for his attack on Israel’s army which had no weapons. Jdgs 4:13; 5:8 for no weapon. Elijah killed the prophets of Baal by the Kishon. 1Kgs 18:40. On Carmel Elijah prayed for rain. 1 Kgs 18:42-46. JEZREEL mentioned in verses 45-46 is the city of JEZREEL. It was in the Valley of JEZREEL. In the western part of the Valley of JEZREEL is the tribe of Asher. When you are near to Tiberias on the western shore of the Sea Of Galilee you are in Zebulon. Matt 4:13-16 in Capernaum Jesus lived after leaving NAZARETH. Zebulon goes south to the Jezreel Valley.
As you come to Tiberias you are in Galilee. Just before Tiberias the mound of the Horns Of Hitim is easily seen. Here was the last big battle of the Crusaders against the Muslims. The Muslim leader was Salacn Il Din. Din is judgement in Arabic and Hebrew. After this the Crusaders left ISRAEL. The Sea Of Galilee is also called the Sea Of Tiberias. Jn 6:1 Luke called it the Lake Of Gennesaret. Lk 5:1. It is also called Sea of Chinneroth which is plural for Chinnereth. Joshua 12:3. Modern ISRAEL calls it the Sea of Chinnereth. Which means violin as it is shaped like a violin. The Sea water level is the lowest my friend Benjamin Brenner has seen in 60 years. It rained on the day I came Jan. 2 and today the 4th it has rained, for which many are pleased, but much more rain is needed.
Jan. 2-5, 2018 Rain around the Sea of Galilee ! On Jan. 5 an amazing downpour! Yeshoua Hamashiac has abundantly answered our prayers. Elijah before praying for rain after 3 ½ years of no rain, told King Ahab “Get thee up, eat & drink; for there is a sound of abundance of rain.” 1 Kgs 18:41. Elijah said to his servant after praying for rain on Mt Carmel “Go up, say unto Ahab, prepare thy chariot, and get thee down, that the rain stop thee not.” 1Kgs 18:44 Missionary George Wald who knew the Jezreel Valley as a soldier in British Army in 1930s said When it rained the Jezreel Valley became a sea of mud. And that is what happened to the 900 chariots of Sisera when the banks of the Kishon overflowed. In Judges 4 is recorded the battle of Sisera against Barak. In v 15 Sisera leaves his chariot and flees on foot. I assume what happened is the chariots of Canaan were in the mud. The Kishon overflowed. Jdgs5:20-21. The stars fought against Sisera. It rained and the Kishon overflowed. “The river of Kishon swept them away, that ancient river, the river Kishon.”
Yeshoua Hamashiac has an abundance of spiritual blessings to pour out unto His believers.

Michael David Bentley