Michael Bentley


Dear prayer partners,

My last prayer letter was October 27, 2016 written in Israel. I am thankful for Christ’s protection since Oct. 2016, and for your prayers and financial support. Because of your gift I glorify God. 11 Cor 9:13

Nov. 2016 to Jan. 11, 2017 In ISRAEL.
I was concerned that Miguel Ponce would be able to enter a retirement home. As of June 10, 2017 he was not in a retirement home. He is very weak in body and wanting only to remain in his apartment. I was blessed to be in Eilat for a week. I rejoice that the ministry of John & Judy Pecs continues to be blessed. I stayed in the Shelter and I taught the11 AM Bible study twice. I stayed with Slomo & Karina in Jerusalem a few weeks with early morning readings in the Word with them. I was blessed to walk the streets of Jerusalem meeting people. I visited Shasha who helped me many times in Ukraine to find Jews. He has been about 20 years not living in a room in Jerusalem. Matt 8:20 An active Pastor in Jerusalem Br. Tony Simons was recently killed in Kurdistan, Iraq in an automobile accident. He was a bold witness in Israel. Of Saul & Jonathan’s death David said „The beauty of Israel is slain upon the high places: how are the mighty fallen.” 11 Sam 1:19 (25-27).

Jan. 11 to Feb. 2 in FRANCE-FR . Just enough time to prepare for ministry in Romania & Crete.

Feb. 2-Mar 14 I was a month in RO and spoke in 10 churches. We had the 7 day no food conference in the Miouveni church. One of the elders Adrian has a headache every night at 3 AM and never sleeps good at night. During the 7 day fast he had no headaches at night and he slept good each night. A 10 day conference is scheduled for Feb. 2018. I was asked to speak in a church in FOCSANI on fasting. There was a work of Christ there. Leaving RO at the airport I offered an Israeli a gospel of Matthew and spoke of my appreciation to the Jews for the Word of God. He said he would read Matthew. I was 2 weeks in CRETE. I spoke in 3 churches. A young Orthodox Christian had just gotten rid of all icons from his house. He wanted to separate himself from all that is Christian. During the next week each day since something caused him to think of his decision. Then I came and gave him a NT. The Holy Spirit leads those who witness for Jesus Christ. Ats 1:8

Mar. 14 to May 3 at home. I needed this time at home. I was glad to put up Bible posters in spite of the fact that the candidates for French president were constantly using the boards. The use of the free public boards by politicians is a sign to me many boards will remain. It is a great joy to me to distribute tracts on the streets of FR. I give tracts to some who distribute them. While distributing on June 9 in Juvisy sur Orge, the town next to mine a woman said she needed God’s blessing at this time. I find it quite encouraging to distribute in this town. At the Athis-Mons (where I live) noon meal I have contact with the Jew Richard. I visited Jean-Pierre the Roman Catholic Jew recently. Leva, Jeanne, Louis Marie & his church receive tracks from me. In 2016 I got about 500 lbs. of tracts in Switzerland-CH and by the end of April 2017 I had very little French tracts left.

May 3-June 5 I traveled in FR meeting churches and believing friends. It was a blessing and important to revisit these believers. I put up Bible posters. In camping I tried to witness to fellow travelers. I visited retired brothers and sisters. How we need to pray for each other. In Lourdes I met Serge & Maite Coffrini and the Jew from Israel who has a souvenir shop in Lourdes. Serge is 85 and his health is failing. I went to CH and visited pastor Hans Rufenacht and I got 250 pounds of French tracts. Over half already distributed 11 June. I finished the France tour in Normandy in Cabourg staying at Guy Brami’s vacation studio. Guy & I met 3 Jews on the board walk. One of the 2 women was a Jew from Romania who professes faith in Jesus Christ. June 6 was DDay memorial. It was interesting to see USA WW 11 vehicles circulating and soldiers dressed in uniforms

June12 to Sept. Summer Eastern European tour. In memory of Pierre Rhein of Valentigny, FR who used to make mission trips to UA. He gave me literature many times for my trips to Ukraine-UA & RO.
June14 Echenberg, Germany-D for literature at GBV.
15 Michael Gabi a Muslim saved in Jerusalem.
16-18 Word of Life WOLD, Church in Wolfratzhausen, Irmgard Krauter.
19-22 Austria-A Tract distribution. A country that needs the gospel. 23-26 Budapest-HU WOLHU 24 Jewish outreach. O Utsa church.
27- July 5 RO 27 Beius-pastor Peter Belteci, 29-30 Hunadora-pastor Michael Czentye,

July 1-2 Cisnedia-elder Ovidiu & Nelly Domnariu-camp coordinators, Nelly translate for me at camp,
3-4 Brasov area, 3 Ghimbav church John Dragushin,
5 Suceava- Br Potop, Ukraine-UA 6 Chernovsy-Baptist camp, Wally Vasylovitch
7 Dunaivisi-Baptist Church,
8-10 Vinitsa-Baptist Church, pastor Vladimir Yukhumets
11-13 Costopol-Stefan & Inna Yanchuk,
14-17 Kiev-Mykhaylo Mystetsky-Messianic Assembly -Valentina & Inna Podilchik, Pixova Baptist Church,
19-20 Vinitsa-Pastor Vladimir Yukhumets
21-24 Chernovsy- Wally Vasyiovitch.
RO-25-30 Iasi, Nelu Aton, visit Moldova-MD,
31-Aug 3 Brasov-John Poenar,
4-14 Mioveni & Rucar camp, David Oprescu,
15-21 Bucharest, Pishti Benedek, Ioan Tone-Baptist church,
22 Hunadora,
23 Beius,
24 Ioan Fodor,
HU 25-28 Budapest,
29—30 Zagrev, HR, camping, Neda Alexi,
31-Sept 1 Slovenia,
2-4 Trieste, IT, David Borman,
5-7 A,
8-12 to arrive at home Athis-Mons, FR.

As Jesus Christ enables,

Michael Bentley
Gn 24:27 “The LORD led me”.